Not Tomorrow releases new single and music video «Love & Cigarettes»

Not Tomorrow, a rock project led by Chilean guitarist Alvaro Collao presents his new musical work in collaboration with artists from South Korea and Belgium.

Not Tomorrow, a Rock and Pop Punk project led by the outstanding Chilean guitarist Álvaro Collao, based in Toronto Canada, surprises once again by presenting its latest single and video clip called «Love & Cigarettes», a song written in collaboration with the South Korean singer Gunho Jung (GUHNO) and the Belgian rapper Darren Doud’s and performed together with the outstanding Chilean drummer Cristóbal Orozco.

After the release of their latest works «All American Regrets» and «It’s not Alright», the rock band presents their latest single titled «Love & Cigarettes», a Pop Punk song that talks about a toxic but at the same time addictive relationship like cigarettes where both know they must end, but continue to take advantage of each other.

The music video, developed by Indian filmmaker Nandika Raai and Italian-Canadian audiovisual artist Nicholas Ferazzoli, shows a dynamic staging with entertaining animations and a first class vintage look.

«Love & Cigarettes is a song that I adore, it’s my first work directly living in Canada and I’m very fond of it because of all that it means to leave your country of origin to go try your luck on the other side of the world. On the other hand working with GUHNO was wonderful, from the beginning there was a good vibe and admiration for each other to finally invite him to collaborate in the project resulting in this incredible song, which by the way has a lot of influence from my favorite band of all time, Green Day» comments Alvaro.

«Love & Cigarettes» was composed and produced by Álvaro Collao while the mixing and mastering was in charge of Mariano Pavez, renowned Chilean producer and musician who has also participated in the band’s previous works, while the recording was done in 3 renowned studios in Chile and Canada, Lynx Music (Toronto), C.O. Drumlab and Headbox Studio Chile.

The Videoclip is already available on all digital platforms as well as the single on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music or your favorite music platform. To find out about more releases and news like this, you can follow Not Tomorrow on all their social media and streaming platforms.