Love & Cigarettes feat. Gunho Jung & Doud’s [Official Music Video]

«Love & Cigarettes» is a song composed by Fixx Under Proxys in collaboration with singer and songwriter Gunho Jung. The song talks about a toxic but at the same time addictive relationship like cigarettes where both of them know that they should end their relationship, but continue to take advantage of each other.

The sound is mainly influenced by American Pop Punk and alternative rock from the UK. The production counts with the collaboration of the incredible rapper Darren Doud’s and the outstanding Chilean drummer Cristóbal Orozco.

Filmmakers: Nandika Raai & Nicholas Ferazzoli
Editor & Colorist: Álvaro Collao

Music by Fixx Under Proxys
Lyrics by Gunho Jung & Doud’s
Drums: Cristóbal Orozco
Bass: Nicolás Gutiérrez
Rapper: Darren Doud’s
Produced by Álvaro Collao
Mixed and Mastered by Mariano Pavez
Recorded at Lynx Music, C.O. Drumlab & Headbox Studio.

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