Papercuts feat. FERN [Guitar Version]

«Papercuts» is a song written by Not Tomorrow and Fernanda Mahnke and is a metaphor for the physical or emotional wounds caused by war, which millions of people have experienced and continue to suffer every day.

Dirección: Javier Pavez
Dirección de Foto: Diego Jaña
Iluminación: Diego Darat
Sonido Directo: Nicolás Gutiérrez
Vestuario: Not Tomorrow
Post Producción: Javier Pavez
Producción: Not Tomorrow & JPMediavisual en asociación con Punto Ciego Rental.

Music and Lyrics by Not Tomorrow & Fernanda Mahnke
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Mariano Pavez
Recorded by Cristóbal Arriagada and Mariano Pavez at CHT Estudios.

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